23 Things for Research 2014 kicks off 6 October


The award-winning 23 Things for Research is back for 2014! The programme is a self-directed course that aims to expose you to a range of digital tools that could help you in your personal and professional development as a researcher, academic, student or in another role. Find out more about 23 Things and discover what will be covered during the 10 weeks of the programme, and register online to get started. We kick off in 0th Week (6 October); once the programme is running, check this blog every week to find out more about that week’s activities and read guest posts from experts on digital tools.

23 things is part of the University of Oxford’s Engage programme, which focuses on digital technologies for public engagement, knowledge exchange and impact. Issues of public engagement and demonstrating how work within Higher Education can have a beneficial impact on society have become increasingly important within the University. Online and digital technologies can play an important and exciting role in engagement activities, enabling you to reach, interact, and work collaboratively with your audiences. This site has been created to offer practical advice, share exemplars, and provide information on training, workshops and events that can support you in exploring the application of IT for impact.

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