Bits and bobs: Keeping your passwords safe

As you get going with the 23 Things programme, you may find that you’re setting up quite a few new online profiles and accounts, which usually means lots of new passwords. It’s important to be aware of your safety online. There are lots of things you can do to ensure that you are creating strong passwords and managing your accounts safely – there are online tools like Lastpass, for example, that allow you to store all your account info securely, rather than writing it down or creating unsafe passwords so that you can remember them.

Your Password Sucks

If you’re interested in the safety of your online passwords, we highly recommend the presentation Your Password Sucks by Dan Q, Bodleian Libraries Web Developer, on password security (if you are in the Oxford network or have an SSO, you can see an updated version of the presentation, now called Your Password: How Bad Guys Will Steal Your Identity).

2 thoughts on “Bits and bobs: Keeping your passwords safe

  1. About password…. yes, important your password are safe… but important also, for my library web 2.0 pages, that other staff know where they are! I am not immortal! I have made sure the e-mail address is the generic one and not the personal one, ie librarian@ etc… so if I were to leave, all is ready for a smooth change 🙂

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