The 23 Things for Research schedule

Although the 23 Things for Research isn’t running at the moment, you’re welcome to work through previous years’ programmes. Here are the Things that explored during the 23 Things for Research 2014 course:

0th week (w/c 6 October): Getting started and blogging
Thing 1: Read about the 23 Things programme and Engage programme
Thing 2: Set up a blog and register it with the 23 Things team
Thing 3: Use your blog to write a short post about your experiences with using digital tools for sharing and collaborating in research, teaching and general communication – and what you hope to get out of the 23 Things programme. If you already have a blog, then you’re welcome to use that.
Thing 4: Explore other blogs to get to know some of the participants

1st week (w/c 13 October): Online presence
Thing 5: Consider your personal brand

Bonus thing 1: Consider a personal website

2nd week (w/c 20 October): Current awareness
Thing 6: Twitter
Thing 7: RSS Feeds
Thing 8: Storify and other tools

Bonus thing 2: Participate in a Twitter chat on 6 November

3rd week (w/c 27 October): Online networks
Thing 9: Facebook
Thing 10: LinkedIn
Thing 11: Other tools (Academia, Google+, etc.)

Bonus thing: Digital curation

4th week (w/c 3 November): Presenting information
Thing 12: Making and sharing podcasts and videos
Thing 13: Making data beautiful: infographics and visual tools
Thing 14: Discover Wikipedia
Thing 15: Sharing research online (Prezi, Slideshare, etc.)

Bonus thing: Using augmented reality in the classroom

5th week (w/c 10 November): Online photos and images
Thing 16: Using and sharing images online
Thing 17: Finding images: Creative Commons and other copyright need to know issues

Bonus thing: Crowdsourcing research

6th week (w/c 17 November): Citations: organizing them AND getting them seen
Thing 18: Explore reference management tools online
Thing 19: Blog, tweet or post a link to one of your articles

Bonus thing: Researcher identifiers and your publication profile

7th week (w/c 24 November): Organising yourself and collaborating with others
Thing 20: Working together or going it alone: Google Docs and Dropbox
Thing 21: Working together online: Hangouts, Skype and more
Thing 22: Working together online: Using Doodle and other online scheduling tools

8th week (w/c 1 December): Final reflection
Thing 23: What have you learnt and where do you want to go from here?

14 thoughts on “The 23 Things for Research schedule

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  3. I have no idea how to set up a blog! I’d like to participate in this course, but don’t know how to get started.


    • Fiona-

      We’d love to have you participate! In the blog post for Thing 2 we’ve linked to step-by-step instructions on setting a blog. You can start there, and feel free to send us any more specific questions!

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  6. Hi. I have just come across 23 Things for Research and am really keen to sign up. Is it too late to sign up and if not can I use my existing blog seeing as I missed 0th and 1st week?

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