#23Things Twitter chat: Thursday 1 November, 3-4pm

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In Thing 7, we talked about using Twitter for live twitter chats, such as the #phdchat that happens every Wednesday. We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be running a #23Things chat next Thursday, 1 November, from 3-4pm, together with the Digital Humanities 23 Things programme at Cambridge. We’ll be talking about social media use in research and the higher education setting.

It’s super easy to participate; all you have to do is make sure you’re on Twitter between 3 and 4pm and keeping an eye on tweets with the hashtag #23things (hint: click on that link for a saved #23things search). We’ll start off the conversation with some questions for you to think about, and we’re hoping to get some of our Engage presenters to take part as well so that you can ask them about their experiences using social media for research. You can respond to questions with thoughts from your own experiences or ask questions of other participants.

If you’d like to read more about tweet chats and how to get the most out of them (don’t be afraid to ask questions! Please do introduce yourself!), take a look at this Tweet Chats 101 article.

Although the chat is #23Things-based, you don’t have to be an actual 23 Things participant to take part. We hope to ‘see’ you on Thursday!

4 thoughts on “#23Things Twitter chat: Thursday 1 November, 3-4pm

  1. Cool initiative. I’d like to participate from the Netherlands. I’m the initiator of the 23 Things program in public libraries, now spread out to other libraries and fields of interest.

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