Disk imaging for older floppies

Thanks to Michael Olson for the link to Kryoflux , which is currently being developed by the Software Preservation Society (an organisation established to preserve disk-based computer games). Stanford are also using the Catweasel floppy disk controller; see Stanford’s post on Catweasel and the Catweasel site itself. These could be handy to have around when we receive more in the way of unusual floppy formats.

-Susan Thomas

2 thoughts on “Disk imaging for older floppies

  1. Hi Vyadh, We are doing just that for our more modern disks. At the moment we have much less experience of working with older disks, so it’s always good to hear about new tools that we could use.

  2. It’s probably worth pointing out that getting a low-level read with something like KryoFlux is also important for non-protected and common format disks too, since only with the greater amount of information can you see if the disk is genuine – that is has not been modified since duplication, or that is not a copy written over the original disk (which in both cases happens far more than many people think).

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