Independence Day: Anglo-American Relations

In honour of the 4th of July (the States’ Independence Day), we decided simply to pull out a few photographs from the Archive showing US Presidents and British Prime Ministers over the years. From Churchill to Carter, Eisenhower to Eden, the close US/UK relationship has fostered quite a few friendships and a plethora of state meetings…

Churchill and Harry Truman confer over a cigar on board the USS Williamsburg, 1952 [CPA Photos].
US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, Churchill, Eisenhower, and Anthony Eden enjoy a bit of sun of the White House lawn, 1954. Churchill was in Washington to confer with Eisenhower over issues of peace and security [CPA Photos].
Then Vice-President Richard Nixon greets Churchill as he arrives in the US on his 1954 visit. Nixon became President in 1969 [CPA Photos].
President John F Kennedy takes a walk with Prime Minister Harold Macmillan outside the Government House in Hamilton, Bermuda, December 1961. The pair met in Bermuda to discuss, among other things, nuclear defence. Bermuda was a popular meeting place, as it allowed the convenience of a ‘state visit’ on UK territory without the long trip to Europe [CPA Photos].
When Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited the US and President Carter in 1977, her team of staff prepared brief after brief on everything from US energy policy to Carter’s governing style. These preliminary notes explore Carter’s team and the way they operated [CRD 274].
Thatcher enjoyed a close working relationship with Reagan; the pair shared a similar outlook on economics and Soviet relations. Reagan and Thatcher’s relationship is more fully detailed on the Thatcher Foundation website [CPA Photos].
Images may not be used without permission of the Conservative Party Archive Trust.

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