Prime Minister praises CPA poster book Dole Queues and Demons

David Cameron offered praise for the Conservative Party Archive’s recent publication Dole Queues and Demons: British Election Posters from the Conservative Party Archive. The book brings together nearly 200 election posters from the Archive’s vast collection; the posters are accompanied by commentary from Dr Stuart Ball of the University of Leicester.

Dr Ball received the Prime Minister’s congratulations for the ‘wonderful book’. In a letter to the University’s vice-chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess, Cameron wrote:

‘It’s a wonderful book and very good of you to have thought to send it to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking through it. It’s fascinating to see how political imagery has changed so much over the years, while so many of the themes – family aspiration, strong nation, good leadership – have remained the same.’

The book is available through Bodleian Library Publishing and through all major retailers. For the full story, see the This Is Leicestershire. The Conservative Party Archive Poster Collection is available at no cost on the CPA website.

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