Dorothy Hodgkin and Richard Doll: New Elizabethans

Oxford scientists Dorothy Hodgkin and Richard Doll are in Radio 4’s Diamond Jubilee list of 60 ‘New Elizabethans’, individuals who have had a major influence on life in the UK since the Queen’s accession in 1952.
Structure of Vitamin B12
Structure of Vitamin B12

Dorothy Hodgkin was a pioneer of X-ray crystallography, discovering the structure of penicillin, Vitamin B12 and insulin. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on Vitamin B12. Her papers and correspondence were donated to the Bodleian Library by Professor Hodgkin and are available for research. The Hodgkin family later added to this substantial biographical and personal material. Epidemiologist and Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford from 1969 to 1979, Richard Doll, along with Austin Bradford Hill, established the link between smoking and lung cancer.

James Naughtie will present a series of programmes, each devoted to one of the ‘New Elizabethans’, which runs from 11 June to 7 September. Dorothy Hodgkin will be featured on Tuesday 26 June at 12.45pm, and Richard Doll on Thursday 28 June, also at 12.45pm.


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