Oxfam and… Health

Oxfam produced a series of information leaflets in the 1990s titled ‘Oxfam and…’ which covered a wide range of topics such as Conflict, Poverty and the Environment, Trade and of course Health. They also focused on particular countries and project funds in areas that Oxfam was working in. In addition, leaflets were produced for primary age children on a similar range of subjects. The following are a sample of some of these ‘Health’ leaflets:
Health Dec 1991 C
The inner pages of a ‘Health’ leaflet produced by the Oxfam Youth and Education Programme,
Dec 1991 (Bodleian Libraries, Oxfam Archive)
Oxfam and Health Mar 1992 C
The inner pages of ‘Oxfam & Health’ produced for Oxfam’s 50th Anniversary Health Appeal, March 1992 (Bodleian Libraries, Oxfam Archive)
Oxfam and Health Jul 1992 B
The back page of ‘Oxfam and Health’ produced by the Information Department, July 1992
(Bodleian Libraries, Oxfam Archive)

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