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A little Movember inspiration from Conservative history

Participating in Movember? Need a little style inspiration? You’re in good hands. It was practically de rigueur for early 20th-century politicians to sport some facial hair, and the Conservatives participated with gusto. Check out these photos for some ‘tache tips.

Politicians in the 1920s sported all sorts of facial hair, from the ‘English’ style to the handlebar, mutton chops to the ‘toothbrush’.
Arthur Balfour, Prime Minister from 1902 to 1905, clearly enjoyed a thick moustache. In fact, it seems he was the first of Britain’s eight ‘moustachioed’ prime ministers.
Moustaches disregarded party lines and appeared on Conservative and Labour candidates alike. Here, HC Charleton, 1922 Labour Candidate.
George Balfour, Conservative candidate for Hampstead in 1923, sported quite an impressive moustache.
Neville Chamberlain, pictured here in 1924 when he was the Minister of Health, showed off a thick black moustache.
Anthony Eden, Prime Minister from 1955 to 1957. Although facial hair was less common by the 1950s, Eden still sported a ‘tache.
Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963, also embraced facial hair; he was the last prime minister to sport a moustache in office.
Gerald Nabarro, Conservative MP for South Worcestershire in the 1950s-1970s, was famous for a handlebar moustached that seemed to grow larger each election.