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Graduate Trainee Presentations – Archiving Digital Audio

Since I am the graduate trainee for the futureArch project I also participated in Oxford’s Graduate Library Trainee Scheme. During our year at Oxford all the trainees have to undertake a project. There aren’t many restrictions on what this project can and can’t be about; the only prerequisites are that it is additional to our day-to-day duties and is useful to each trainee’s library. After talking it over with Susan I decided to research digital audio files and produce a guide to archiving digital audio.

On 7th July the trainees held a Project Showcase where each trainee gave a five minute presentation on their project. For anyone interested, most of the presentations (including mine) are now on slideshare. Five minutes is really not very long for a presentation and so I had to severely condense mine, although I’ve expanded my presentaion notes to include more detail – these are also on slideshare.

-Victoria Sloyan

Slides from Digital Archives meeting

These are some slides from a talk given at a meeting on Digital Archives hosted by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation back in September. They give an overview of what the futureArch project is about.
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View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: digital archives)

-Susan Thomas