Free Online IT courses

Do you have an Oxford Single Sign On?

Are you interested in online IT courses?

If the answer to both questions is ‘Yes’, you may be interested in this information from the University of Oxford IT Services: provides a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, it is a high-quality resource for students, academics, and staff looking to develop skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, social media, and a wide range of other topics including data analysis, programming and web development.

There are new courses each week and the option to watch a complete course or bite-sized videos as you need them. sits alongside our classroom-based courses; it will enable us to reach more people and cover those topics for which we don’t have in-house expertise. It’s also available 24/7!

And it’s FREE to all University members!

You can sign up to at – all you need are your Single Sign On credentials.