Try a Bodleian Libraries KeepCup

KeepCup 2Do you need a cuppa to keep you going while you are working?

Hot or cold drinks may now be brought into the Library and Reading Room in a secure KeepCup. You can buy a Bodleian Libraries KeepCup at the Library desk for £5.50

The Bodleian KeepCups ….

  • are reusable and support the University’s green initiatives
  • meet reader requests
  • support the Bodleian Libraries’ Food and Drink policy which states that no food and drink can be consumed around special collection material and that within the libraries, there will still be no food or drinks allowed in other containers, except for bottled water

Please note that the Bodleian KeepCups should be used responsibly to minimise spillages. The cup should remain closed in between sips. Any leftover drinks should be emptied in the nearest available sink, not a bin.

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