Bodleian iSkills: For researchers in the Social Sciences

Bodleian iSkills: Google for academic research (Wed 26 Oct 14.00-16.00) Week 3

Google is often dismissed as being irrelevant to the academic literature search. However, changes to the nature of the dissemination of scholarly research and official information in recent years mean that a wealth of relevant information can be accessed via standard Internet search engines such as Google. Too often however such information is lost amongst thousands of irrelevant, spurious and misleading results. Based on an understanding of how the Google search engine works this practical workshop will show you the basic techniques to quickly filter out high quality academic material from Google searches. Given concerns about the privacy costs of a ‘free’ search within search engines such as Google, alternative search engines will also be explored and compared, including DuckDuckGo.

Who is this session for? All DPhils and Research Students in the Social Sciences
Presenters: Cathy Scutt
Venue: Social Science Library, Information Skills Training Room

Bodleian iSkills: Moving from research question to literature review in the Social Sciences (Thu 27 Oct 10:00-12:00) Week 3

This 2 hour workshop will be invaluable for researchers hoping to find suitable literature for their literature review, for which a well-constructed set of search terms and an understanding of online search engines are prerequisites. This workshop will allow researchers to use their own research questions to build a search and apply it to a range of databases. Techniques for structuring a search will be explained, an overview of key online resources for the social sciences will be given , major search tools will be explored, and strategies for approaching large results sets and sourcing papers will be discussed. This practical workshop will involve paper exercises and online activities using attendees own research topics.

Who is this session for? All DPhil Students and Research Staff in the Social Sciences
Presenters: Craig Finlay and Tom Dale
Venue: Social Science Library, Information Skills Training Room

Bodleian iSkills: Discovering and depositing Social Science research data (Fri 28 Oct 09.15-12.15) Week 3

This session provides an opportunity for doctoral students to learn about using social science data archives to inform their research. It will also outline the workings of the institutional repository recently launched by the University of Oxford: ORA-Data. By the end of the session you will know how to locate and cite data from a range of data archives and have an understanding of the benefits and operation of ORA-Data.

Who is this session for? All DPhil Students and Research Staff in the Social Sciences
Presenter: John Southall
Venue: IT Services, Banbury Road

Bodleian iSkills: For researchers

Bodleian iSkills: Your thesis, copyright and ORA (Tue 25 Oct 14:00-15:00) Week 3

Oxford DPhil students are required to deposit a copy of their thesis in ORA (Oxford University Research Archive). This session will focus on copyright and other issues that DPhil students need to take into account when preparing their thesis for upload to ORA.

Who is this session for? Doctoral research students
Presenters: David Watson; Jason Partridge
Venue: Radcliffe Science Library, Training Room

Bodleian iSkills: Open Access Oxford – what’s happening? (Wed 26 Oct 11.00-12.00) Week 3

A briefing on open access publishing and Oxford’s position, including: Key terms – Gold, Green, APCs; how to find out about research council or funder requirements; how to find out what your publisher will allow; Oxford Research Archive (ORA) and Symplectic; HEFCE policy for next REF; new developments, including ORCID researcher IDs; where to get more help.

Who is this session for? Research support staff, administrators and librarians, researchers and academics.
Presenters: Juliet Ralph, Owen Coxall, Kate Beeby
Venue: Radcliffe Science Library, Training Room

Bodleian iSkills: Authors, copyright and open access – making it work for you (Thu 27 Oct 14.00-15.00) Week 3

Authors are often unsure what rights they retain when signing the publisher agreement for a journal article. Your choices affect what you and others can do with your work. This introductory workshop deciphers the jargon and explains the pitfalls so you can understand your options and make informed decisions. It covers benefits of retaining copyright, Copyright Transfer Agreements (CTA) compared with other Licence types (inc. Creative Commons), author rights and sharing permissions, subscription and open access articles, uploading to the web or repositories, University and funder policies (inc. REF), and the support available. Participants are asked to bring along an example of a publisher copyright agreement that they have signed in the past or from a journal they publish in regularly. There will be time for Q and A but if you wish to send questions in advance please email using subject line: August Copyright session.

Who is this session for: Academics, researchers, postgraduate research students
Presenters: Sarah Barkla, Kate Beeby, Juliet Ralph, Sally Rumsey
Venue: Social Science Library, Information Skills Training Room

Bodleian iSkills: Reference software

Referencing: Mendeley (Mon 24 October 09.15-12.15) Week 3                           bodleian_iskills_web

Mendeley is a reference management package that helps you build libraries of references and then add citations and bibliographies to word processed documents. This session will be run in two parts with a break in between. If you are an advanced user of Mendeley you need only attend the second part, starting at 11.00.

Key topics include: An overview of reference management with Mendeley; Creating a Mendeley account and installing Mendeley Desktop; Adding, editing and organising references; Creating bibliographies; Managing PDF documents with Mendeley; Using the Mendeley ‘Papers’ database; Collaboration and social networking with Mendeley.

Who is this session for? Postgraduates, researchers, academics and undergraduates wishing to use reference management software.
Presenters: Oliver Bridle
Venue: IT Services, 13 Banbury Road

Referencing: Choosing and using software (Tue 25 Oct 09.15-12.15) Week 3 (Please see our Workshops LibGuide for further dates of this session.)

Formatting your in text citations/footnotes and bibliography correctly for your thesis or publication is a chore. Reference management software makes it easier and saves you time. This introductory session gives an overview of how reference management works, explores the pros and cons of a wide range of reference management packages and gives you the opportunity to try out five different packages so that you can work out which one is best for you. The packages included are RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, ColWiz and Papers.

Who is this session for? Postgraduates, researchers.
Presenters: Oliver Bridle, Pamela Stanworth, Angela Carritt, Suke Wolton
Venue: IT Services, 13 Banbury Road