What can I access from home? Help with e-resources

Note: Access to Oxford University’s subscription resources from home requires a Single Sign-On username and password, for which students enrolled on award-bearing courses are eligible.  If you do not have a Single Sign-On username and password ( for example, if you are a weekly class student) there are still open access resources that you can explore. Please see our guide on this blog What can I access from home? A guide for weekly class students.

The information below applies to students on award-bearing courses.

The libraries are closed: what can I still get online?

All libraries run by the Bodleian Libraries are currently closed until further notice. This includes the Continuing Education Library.

Due to unavoidable reduction in services related to Covid-19 all Scan & Deliver services are currently suspended until further notice.

Please read the guidance below which will point you in the direction of accessible online resources you can access via SOLO from home.

Continuing Education Library staff are working from home and are available to you by email! If you have any questions, need our help finding digital resources, or just want to chat, please email us library@conted.ox.ac.uk

We began as a travelling library, back in the late nineteenth century, supporting Oxford University’s Delegacy of Extra Mural Studies. Connecting our users to resources remotely is still our mission!

A wide range of online resources are available via SOLO and we are working to extend these services where possible.

There are two types of resources available to you online from home.

(You’ll need to have signed in to SOLO with your Single Sign On (SSO) username and password)

  1. Electronic resources indicated by a green dot (see below)
  2. E books

You will want to look out for results which have a green dot next to them and which are labelled Online access. These are the University’s electronic subscription resources and they include e books, journal articles, databases, maps, images and more. In the diagram below this is the second result.


During the period that the Bodleian libraries are locked down, you will not be able to access either of the other two options shown in the diagram above, only the Online access option. In normal circumstances, when the libraries are open, the Find & Request option would point you to libraries which hold a physical copy of the item; the third option, with a yellow dot and the label Electronic Legal Deposit item is also not available to you from home. However, this is the case even when the libraries are open.

Electronic Legal Deposit (eLD) is not the same as commercially available online resources. It is a special collection that has legal restrictions on use.  As these special resources need to be consulted from Bodleian Libraries computers, and the libraries are currently closed to both staff and readers, it is not possible to access these resources at this present time. If the item you are looking for is only available as one of these Electronic Legal Deposit items, and is essential for your research, please contact us (see below). We may be able to point you to an alternative online option.

For more information please see https://libguides.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/eld-explained

Limiting your SOLO search results to show only online resources is easy. Enter your search term in the search box and look under Sort & Filter Results on the left-hand side. Under Show only choose Online Resources



E books

You can easily identify e books in your SOLO search results. They have an open book symbol next to them, and a link with a green dot labelled Online access


In addition to finding e books in your search results, it is also possible to browse e book collections (some examples are Ebook Central and EBSCOhost. Enter these in the SOLO search box to explore their collections) For more information about finding and using e books, see the following guide:


A special page has been added to the above guide outlining updates to e book provision, part of the Bodleian Libraries support for remote and online learning during the period of physical library closures. We are getting more e-resources all the time; please check the above guide ( Covid-19 tab) and the Continuing Education Library http://blogs.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/conted for regular updates.

If you cannot find an accessible online version of the item you are looking for, please contact the Bodleian Libraries to recommend an e resource for purchase. If you do not receive a response within 5 working days please contact us directly library@conted.ox.ac.uk  Please also contact us directly if you need help with using SOLO to find a particular online resource; we may be able to help by suggesting alternative online resources.

Email: library@conted.ox.ac.uk   Website: https://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/conted

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