Access to HathiTrust Emergency Library continuing through Trinity Term

HathiTrust Online Emergency Library

The Bodleian’s access to the HathiTrust Emergency Library will now continue until at least 21 June.    It will then be reviewed in light of the prevailing easing of Covid restrictions.

Access to the Emergency Library is a huge benefit allowing Oxford students all over the World to access scanned copies of books.  It continues to be a wonderful resource for Continuing Education students and particularly to those who can’t get to Oxford at this time.     However, it does have some drawbacks, one of which is that we are unable to lend physical copies of books from our Libraries if they are also being provided online via the HathiTrust.    This is because the terms of the agreement between the Bodleian Libraries and the Hathi Trust state that if a book in our library is currently being made available online via SOLO by the Hathi Trust, we are not permitted to make the book available for loan. There is more information about this in the HathiTrust guide. Please note that there are some exception to this for students with disabilities and health conditions. Please contact us if that applies to you.

What is the HathiTrust Emergency Library?

The HathiTrust Emergency Library  is an online collection of 1.5 million “in copyright” (i.e. modern) books and a further 4 million public domain books.    It covers a good proportion of reading list books and we hope will be a boon to those who are unable to travel to Oxford Libraries.

To access HathiTrust please go to SOLO as normal and log on with your Oxford Single Sign on (SSO) username and password.   HathiTrust items display an on orange “Full Text via HathiTrust” logo. Click on the logo to connect.

Once connected to HathiTrust, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link ‘temporary access’ which you will find towards the bottom of the page under the heading ‘Viewability’ 

Then choose “Check Out“. You will then be able to read the book on screen,

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