How to use LibraryScan

Library Scan (for undergraduates, postgraduates and others with Oxford University cards)

You may request scans of book chapters and articles for delivery by email.  Due to copyright restrictions you may only request one chapter or 5% of each book and one article from each journal issue.   This can be challenging, particularly if you are not sure of the contents of the book.  However, you can often find tables of contents of books online (for example try Googling the name of the book and the word contents).   Viewing the table of contents online can help you to decide which chapter to request.    Alternatively, please email and we will send you a scan of the table of contents to help you to decide.

To order your scans

  1. Log in to SOLO at and search for books or articles
  2. If the item that you’d like scanned is in the Bodleian closed stack, click ‘Offsite scan’ to place your scan request
  3. If the items is in another Library (including the Continuing Education Library) click ‘LibraryScan’ (this button appears in the set of red icons above the list of libraries)
  4. Fill in the form with details of the chapter or article you require
  5. The scan will be sent to you by email.

LibraryScan for WOW and online short course students  – We are not able to routinely offer the scanning service to WOW or short course students and instead supply scans to the whole class through your virtual classroom or course site. However, if you particularly need a scan please email and we will help if we can.

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