Writing a thesis? Forthcoming course from the IT Learning Centre

The University IT Learning Centre is offering a course designed to help you to use Microsoft Word when creating your thesis. See below for full details

Maybe your thesis is planned to the nth degree, or maybe it grows organically. Either way you do need to take control of your thesis document before it takes control of you! We can help:

Documents: Managing your thesis

05/06/2017 09:15 – 11:15

Staff £20/Students £10

This course covers special aspects of Word which will help you create and manage your thesis (or any large, formal document).

It will help you understand:

  • Heading numbering schemes
  • Tables of contents (building and formatting)
  • Indexing (manual or using automarking)
  • Cross-referencing using headings or page numbers
  • How to update field codes and bookmarks
  • How to work with footnotes and endnotes (using the tools in Word)

Pay and book


The IT Learning Centre


IT tools to help you study effectively and efficiently

Wednesday 22 Feb,  17:30 – 18:30, IT Services Banbury Road

This free session provides a brief introduction to key assistive technology and apps that might help you to work and study more efficiently. Tools for planning and organisation, reading and writing will be included. We will show you free or low-cost tools available for both PCs and Macs

This course is aimed at all students; the course might be particularly beneficial for students with disabilities, including students with specific learning difficulties and mental health conditions. Interested staff are welcome.

Book your place at: https://oxford.imparando.com/accessplan/LMSPortal/UI/Page/Basket.aspx?coursedateid=24793

Email forwarding (for University card holders)

If you have a current University card you will also have automatically been allocated a University email account (Nexus) with an email address ending .ox.ac.uk

The Library, in common with the Department and all other Oxford University institutions will use this email address to communicate with you.

If you choose not to use this account, it is important that you set up automatic forwarding of email from the University account to your preferred account in order that you do not miss important information.

Setting up forwarding is very simple:

  1. Visit https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/self/nexus
  2. Login with your Single Sign On
  3. Select “Email forwarding address settings” and click Submit
  4. Enter the email address you wish to forward to and click Submit
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