Library services from 6 September – booking no longer required!

From Monday 6 September it will no longer be necessary to make a booking to use the Library.   You will be able to browse the shelves, borrow books, study in the reading room or at seating in the lower library and use printing, photocopying and scanning services without booking – please just turn up!   The “click and collect”, “browse and borrow” and space finder services will all be withdrawn on 6 September.   However, the LibraryScan service will continue until at least Christmas and we hope will continue to be useful, particularly to those who are not able to come to Oxford.

What will it be like in the Library? Seating remains generously spaced and we will ensure windows are open so that the Library is airy and well ventilated.    Rigorous hygiene procedures will also remain in place and we would be grateful if readers could continue to wear face coverings (unless exempt) for everyone’s protection.

Library opening hours are currently Mon-Fri 9.30-5pm, with earlier opening from 9am from 13 September and full term time opening from 27 September.

Do get in touch at if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in the Library.

‘Browse and Borrow’ at Rewley House

We now have bookable slots for students to “browse and borrow” at the Continuing Education.  During your browse and borrow slot you will be able to:

  • Browse the Library shelves and select books to borrow (please see notes on borrowing below)*
  • Use the photocopying, printing and scanning machine (PCAS)
  • Consult SOLO

Please note that you will not be able to sit at a study space (to book a study space please see our post on study space)

Please visit the Space Finder to book your “browse and borrow” slot.  You will need an Oxford Single Sign on (SSO) username and password to book your slot. If you are a member of the Department for Continuing Education but do not have an SSO please contact the Library by telephoning 01865 270454.

For operational reasons, the time slots for browse and borrow are quite limited. If it is not possible for you to attend during the times listed please contact and we will try to provide an opportunity at a different time.


Although you will be able to choose books to borrow during your “browse and borrow” slot it is important to note that this term there are some books in our collection which cannot be borrowed. You are welcome to look at these books in the Library, but they cannot be taken away. This includes books which were previously loanable but which are currently disqualified from loan via both our ‘Click & Collect’ and ‘Browse & Borrow’ services.

To avoid disappointment please be aware that you will not be permitted to borrow any items that are labelled ‘HathiTrust’ on SOLO. If you would like to know which items you will and will not be able to borrow before attending your ‘Browse & Borrow’ slot please check SOLO (see more information below)

Why is this?

The reason for this is that these books are currently being made available to University members in digital format (via SOLO) by the HathiTrust, an organisation which is providing temporary ’emergency access’ to digital copies of books held in print format in Oxford libraries. This is part of arrangements made by the Bodleian Libraries at the start of the pandemic to mitigate the effect of library closures and students being unable to travel to Oxford. The arrangement remains in place this term because many students are not able to travel back to Oxford to use Libraries.

The terms of the agreement between the Bodleian Libraries and the Hathi Trust state that if a book in our library is currently being made available online via SOLO by the Hathi Trust, we are not permitted to make the book available for loan. There is more information about this in the HathiTrust guide

How do I know which books in the Continuing Education Library can be borrowed?

Picture of HathiTrust item in SOLO

A book which is currently being provided as a digital text by the HathiTrust will be indicated on SOLO as shown above. You would not be permitted to borrow this book.

The book I want to borrow isn’t marked as a ‘HathiTrust’ item on SOLO – can I borrow it?

If the SOLO record for the book does not have the HathiTrust label, and the book is normally a loanable item, then you will be able to borrow it via our current services Click & Collect and by Browse & Borrow. If you are unsure, please check with library staff by emailing  A book which can be borrowed, will display on SOLO without the HathiTrust label.

Non Hathi book in SOLO

If you are signed in to SOLO you will also see a [Request] button which indicates that the book can be borrowed via our Click & Collect service. Of course, if you have booked a Browse & Borrow slot in the Library, you could take this book from the shelf and borrow it.

Who can access the HathiTrust digital text?

You must be a University member with a Single Sign-On (SSO) username and password in order to access the online texts provided by HathiTrust. For Continuing Education students, this means that you must be enrolled on a Certificate, Diploma, MSt or DPhil course. If you are enrolled on a Continuing Education short course ( e.g. Weekly Classes/Weekly Oxford Worldwide) you are not eligible to access the HathiTrust content.

There are several different editions of the book I want, one of them in on HathiTrust but the others are not – can I borrow any of them?

Sometimes we have multiple editions of books in print, some of which are available on HathiTrust with other editions not on HathiTrust. You can borrow the editions which are not on HathiTrust.

If I’m not eligible to access the online text, does that mean I can borrow the print copy you have in your library?

No. The agreement terms between the HathiTrust and the Bodleian Libraries apply to all library users

I find the online texts provided by HathiTrust difficult to use due to a disability

If you have a disability or medical condition which makes on screen reading difficult, please let us know.

I don’t have a disability but I don’t like reading online and would really prefer to borrow the physical copy

Please note that exemptions can be considered only in cases of disability, rather than format preference.

I have borrowed this book in the past. Will I be able to borrow it in the future?

Yes. It is important to note that the arrangement with the HathiTrust is  temporary. Books currently being made available online via HathiTrust will become loanable again once the temporary agreement ends. The HathiTrust is providing ‘emergency’, temporary online access to books held in Oxford’s collections whilst many students are unable to return to Oxford.

Does this apply to all the Bodleian Libraries or just to the Continuing Education Library?

The provision of HathiTrust online content, and the associated agreement applies to all Bodleian Libraries. This means that the embargo on loan of print books which are currently being provided as digital texts by HathiTrust applies in all Bodleian Libraries.

I’d like help accessing and using the HathiTrust content on SOLO

Please check the guide to using Hathi Trust

As always, library staff are happy to help; please contact us

Looking forward to seeing you – Study spaces now available and stack deliveries resumed

We are delighted to report that Rewley House reopened on Monday 26 April.   We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Please note that unless you are simply returning Library books you will need to make a booking to come to the Library.   You can book

  • A study space in the  reading room/overspill reading room (more information below)
  • A slot to “browse and borrow” the Library collections  (please see Browse and Borrow at Rewley House)
  • To “click and collect” items that you have chosen in SOLO (please Click and Collect at Rewley House)

Study spaces and closed stack requests

To book a study space please visit the SpaceFinder.  

Slots for study spaces open one week in advance and competition is high so please be sure to book well in advance – particularly if you are travelling to Oxford.

Deliveries from the Bodleian closed stack to Rewley House have also now resumed.    Nearly all books in the closed stacks can only be read in the Library or overspill reading room (and can not be borrowed).  If you are requesting items from the closed stack please be sure to book a study space first.

When you come to study in the Library please  wear a face covering unless you are exempt.