Bodleian Libraries support for the Alan Turing Institute

Oxford is a partner in the Alan Turing Insitute (ATI), a joint venture funded by EPSRC and four partners: the universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, UCL and Warwick. ATI is being established to lead in the development of foundational methods and techniques for data science and analytics and will be based at the British Library, at St. Pancras, London. ATI will analyse and create data including genomics and medical data, personal health data, finance data, social media data, data from sensors embedded in the environment, data on consumer behaviour; and is expected to have broad inter-disciplinary application. Oxford’s involvement in the ATI is being led by Professor Thomas Melham (computer science), Professor Peter Grindrod (mathematics) and Professor Helen Margetts (Oxford Internet Institute). Professor Anne Trefethen (CIO and PVC, ASUC) chairs the Computing and Data Committee.

Lucie Burgess, Associate Director for Digital Libraries and Richard Ovenden met with representatives of the libraries of the JV partners at the British Library on 10th August to discuss support for the ATI. Key topics for discussion were support for research data management and subscriptions to e-resources, such as how to ensure that all ATI researchers will ideally have a level playing field for access, irrespective of the subscriptions supported by their home institutions. Lucie will chair a working group on research data management issues made up of library partners, and Jisc Collections has been asked to consider e-resoures issues. Lucie is also a representative to the Computing and Data Committee. The Bodleian Libraries contributed to two proposals for scientific scoping workshops which have been funded: one on Cultural Heritage Informatics led by the British Library; and one on Multimodal Data at Scale, led by Edinburgh University.

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—Lucie Burgess

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