Weston Library Re-fill and PADS

The Weston Library re-fill project started in August 2014 with the move of material into Reading Rooms and the Gallery. In October 2014 work began on filling the compartments and as of September 2015 fourteen of the twenty two compartments have been filled.

The Western Manuscript and Oriental collections have been moved into the building from various sites including Rhodes House, the Radcliffe Science Library, the Oriental Institute, and the History Faculty. The project is now focussed on bringing back the Rare Book collections from BSF in Swindon which will be followed by John Johnson and Music material.

The re-fill was due to be completed in June 2016 but due to work required to prevent rain-water from the north side of the roadway leaking into one of the compartments the date may be put back a few months.

The moves are being carried out by a team of six book-movers and four drivers who are on short-term contracts. The team is supervised by members of the Packaging and Delivery Section (PADS). PADS staff divide their time between book-moving duties in Oxford and a warehouse in Abingdon where they make the grey boxes which are used to protect library and archive material.

—Edward Adcock
Manager of PADS and Head of Book Moving

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