Continued growth of ORCIDs at Oxford

ORCID is rapidly becoming the de facto author identifier so that authors have their work attributed and also so that over time research administrative burden is reduced and improved.

ORCID is increasingly becoming the method of choice by funders and publishers globally to unambiguously link people to their publications and grants. Already Wellcome Trust requires that award applicants have an ORCID.

The numbers of Oxford scholarly authors obtaining and linking their ORCIDs to Oxford is growing steadily. The number of Oxford linked ORCIDs currently (3 December 2015) stands at over 2,100. As more services, publishers, and funders adopt ORCIDs and more authors use them, Oxford authors will see further benefits of having an ORCID.

Bodleian Digital Library is delighted to announce that it will be running an ORCID implementation scoping study (January – April 2016) to define how ORCIDs should be used across the University within diverse systems such as Symplectic, ORA, systems in IT Services, PRAS, and other relevant systems. Please encourage Oxford researchers to obtain and link their ORCID. For more information about ORCIDs at Oxford see

—Sally Rumsey

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