IT Services’ Live Data Project

Our colleagues at IT Services are busy helping people using R make the most of their data. Martin Hadley from IT Services writes:

Are you a R user interested in creating interactive visualizations and hosting them online? The Shiny package and service provided by RStudio allows interactive web applications to be created with only knowledge of the R language.

There’s a free tier of Shiny that allows users to deploy content that can be used for a maximum of 10h per month, which can easily be used up if you build something that goes viral.

There’s a project in IT Services that’s funding a Professional Shiny account through to at least March 2017, as well as providing support and assistance in creating Shiny apps—if you’re interested in using this service then email for more details.

If you have existing Shiny apps that you’d like to move to the service then we’d be very happy to help.

The project is called Live Data and has been funded with the intention of making visualisation available as a service to academics, using a variety of tools including Shiny and other cloud-based visualisation tools. We organise termly meetings for researchers interested in data visualization ideas and tools to meet.

—Martin Hadley, IT Services

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