Quill Project Public Launch Conference

Colleagues from the Faculty of History, the Oxford e-Research Centre, and Pembroke College are hosting a one-day conference to launch their Quill Project on 14 October 2016. Please note that registration (which is free) closes on 5 October 2016.

For more details and to register, please see the conference website.

Quill Project Public Launch 2016

The design and initial concept work was completed in academic year 2014-5.  Work in 2015-6 has built the editing tools and initial visualizations.

The public launch of the project will be at a one-day conference, held on 14th October, 2016 at Pembroke College, Oxford.  Besides the demonstration of the Quill platform, three panels will discuss the historical problems presented by the records of the Federal Convention, which were most recently the subject of Mary Bilder’s controversial book, Madison’s Hand.  More broadly, the conference and launch will be an opportunity to discuss recent scholarship on the Founding.

Further details of the programme will be published here when the list of speakers has been confirmed.

This launch will demonstrate the power and potential of the software platform as a scholarly and educational tool by publishing a reconstruction of the Convention’s processes using the (admittedly imperfect) published sources that are currently widely available.  Work in subsequent years will improve the quality of the material presented, as it becomes possible to revisit work on the manuscripts themselves.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from BYU and UVU, attendance for the day with lunch is free, with a charge if you would like to attend dinner.


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