Conference: EEBO-TCP 2013

Mallinckrodt printers

Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership presents

Early Modern Texts: Digital Methods and Methodologies

University of Oxford
16 – 17 September 2013

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The Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership, based at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, present a conference on early modern texts, with particular emphasis on digital research, and editing methods and methodologies in early modern studies. Papers cover topics including:

  • Editing philosophies and practicalities
  • Digital citation
  • Hidden or developing research methodologies in the Humanities
  • Bridging traditional and digital methods
  • Comparative studies of different digital resources
  • Research based on EEBO-TCP
  • Digital tools to support early modern research
  • Approaches to teaching methodology

The conference was an opportunity to explore the current state of early modern textual studies and editing, and to consider possibilities for the future. There was a particular focus on developing potential for collaborative work through scheduled networking sessions.


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We are grateful to ProQuest for supporting registration and accommodation bursaries for postgraduate speakers, and to Apex CoVantage for funding refreshment breaks.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Ian Gadd, Bath Spa University
Dr Jane Winters, Institute of Historical Research, University of London

The conference was live-tweeted, by delegates and the project’s Twitter account, @OxfordEEBOTCP, using the hashtag #eebotcp. The conference proceedings will be published online, through the Oxford University Research Archive.

Read about last year’s conference, “Revolutionizing Early Modern Studies”? The Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership in 2012and see what delegates said about it afterwards.

The image is taken from the title page of Bernhard von Mallinckrodt’s De ortu ac progressu artis typographicæ dissertatio historica, in qua de auctoribus et loco inuentionis inquiritur, proque Moguntinis contra Harlemenses concluditur (1640), Bodleian Library, Oxford University, 258 b. 102. Image copyright Bodleian Libraries.

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