Introducing the SECT project

SECT: Sustaining the EEBO-TCP Corpus in Transition is an 18-month project, running from 1st February 2012 until 31st July 2013, funded by JISC under their Digital Preservation and Curation strand. SECT is based at the Bodleian Libraries, together with its parent project, the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership, which began work in Oxford in 2002.

SECT will carry out an investigation into the sustainability of the EEBO-TCP corpus and aims to develop strategies to secure a sustainable future for the collection. The Bodleian is partnering with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) to carry out a benchmarking study and subsequent analysis of EEBO-TCP, and will engage with stakeholders through interviews, workshops, and focus groups,  in order to explore fully the various issues which will have a bearing on EEBO-TCP’s sustainability.

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