EFL History

EFL @ 100

In 2014 the English Faculty Library celebrated 100 years of serving the needs of all those reading and teaching English at Oxford. Librarian Susan Usher wrote an article for the Faculty’s alumni magazine, celebrating this anniversary. Read the article here.

Wilfred Owen Collection

The Wilfred Owen collection was presented to the English Faculty in 1975 by the Owen family, and consists of Owen’s personal library, together with manuscripts, photographs, letters and an almost complete set of The Hydra, the Journal of the Craiglockhart War Hospital. The manuscripts, The Hydra, and a few other items have been digitised and can be viewed via the First World War Poetry Digital Archive. An exhibition of items from the collection was held at the English Faculty Library, Thursday 3 April – Friday 4 April 2014, in conjunction with the British World War One Poetry Spring School. You can read about this exhibition here.

Victorian Pantomime

In Christmas 2015, the EFL held an exhibition showcasing a selection of contemporary material on British pantomime in the Victorian era. On display were items from both the English Faculty Library’s own collection, and books called from the Bodleian Library. You can read about this exhibition and see items from it on our EFL History page.