New resource – Convergence

We have now access to Convergence.

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Convergence is the global network for blended finance. It generates blended finance data, intelligence, and deal flow to increase private sector investment in developing countries. Its global membership includes public, private, and philanthropic investors as well as sponsors of transactions and funds, offering this community a curated, online platform to connect with each other on blended finance transactions in progress. It also offers exclusive access to tailored trainings and original knowledge products such as case studies and reports.

Trial- Ainosco Search – Until 29th June 2023

Trial- Ainosco Search – Until 29th June 2023

This  ebook database covers over 40,000 titles.

  1. Full-text search across a significant amount of Chinese-language book content, including monographs, diaries, biographies, interviews, and government reports published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau from 1900 to today.
  2. Each eBook also provide full-text access with 1 current user

New resource – Taylor & Francis Evidence Based Selection 2023

Taylor & Francis Evidence Based Selection 2023 (access until 6 April 2024)

Hundreds of Taylor & Francis ebooks in the humanities published in 2023 will be available online via this EBA (evidence-based acquisitions) programme. This will include new publications as they come out during the year. Individual ebooks will be listed in SOLO.

At the end of the access period, we will make a selection of books based on appearance on reading lists and heavy use during the period. These selections will be added permanently to the ebook collection of the Bodleian Libraries.

Trial – Slavic and Judaica E-Books via East View (until 29 April 2023)

We have a trial of the full Slavic and Judaica E-Books collection via East View until 29 April 2023.

This platform gives you access to the entire collection of e-books offered by East View. It gives you access to the East View Essential Classics Collection, the Dostoevsky Research series: Dostoevskii materialy i issledovaniia as well as East View’s Slavonic and Judaica collection. In addition it offers, reference works including encyclopedias and atlases as well as e-books from a wide range of different subject areas including linguistics, philosophy science, social science, history, business, economics. It also includes biographical works. Some of the e-books in the collection are in Russian and others are in English.