Trial – Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary and Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries

We have trial access to Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary and Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries until 30 December 2021.

Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary 

  • A major Bible dictionary, six volumes of approximately 1,200 pages each.
  • More than 6,000 entries, 7,000,000 words, and nearly 1,000 contributors.
  • Endpaper maps of the Near Eastern world keyed to text for quick location of archaeological and biblical sites.
  • Articles on pseudepigraphic and apocryphal texts, Nag Hammadi tractates, and individual Dead Sea Scrolls, including the most recently published sectarian Dead Sea Scrolls as well as articles illustrating the literary artistry of the biblical text.

Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries

  • Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries span over 86 volumes and is one of the most long-running scholarly commentaries series for Biblical Studies scholars.
  • Includes a book-by-book translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Apocrypha to make available all the significant historical and linguistic knowledge which bears on the interpretation of the Bible.

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New resource – Complete Si Ku Series 全四庫系列

We now have access to Complete Si Ku Series (全四庫系列), which provides full-text access to about 14,000 titles from ancient (pre-Qin Dynasty) to pre-modern China (Qing Dynasty). This database consists of the following five widely known collectaneas works (叢書):

  1. Si ku quan shu (SKQS; 四庫全書): completed in 1792, this is the greatest collection of ancient books in China’s history encompassing 3,503 titles or 79,337 volumes of works on all subjects organised into the four broad categories.
  2. Xu xiu Si ku quan shu (續修四庫全書) is the sequel to SKQS. It contains works which had not been collected by SKQS and the works written since the completion of it in the late 18th century. This sequel database contains the digitised version of 5,443 book titles consisting of 1,800 volumes.
  3. Si ku wei shou shu (四庫未收書) is a collection of ancient books that were discovered after the completion of SKQS. The current digital version contains 167 titles.
  4. Quan Si ku cun mu (全四庫存目) is a collection of ancient books that were intentionally excluded from SKQS by its editors. The current digital version contains 4,561 titles.
  5. Si ku jin hui shu (四庫禁毀書) is a collection of books that were prohibited or destroyed in the process of compiling the original SKQS. The current reorganised digital version contains 620 titles.

Trial – China and the Modern World: Records of the Maritime Customs Service of China, 1854–1949

We have trial access to China and the Modern World: Records of the Maritime Customs Service of China, 1854–1949 via Gale until 30 November 2021.

China and the Modern World: Records of the Maritime Customs Service of China, 1854–1949 provides an excellent primary source collection, mainly in English, for the study of China and its relations with the Imperial West in the late Qing and Republican periods. The records included in this collection– official correspondence, despatches, reports, memoranda, and private and confidential letters– constitute invaluable and often unique evidence of Chinese life, the economy and politics through the Taiping Rebellion, the Boxer Rebellion, the Revolution of 1911, the May 30 Movement, the two Sino-Japanese Wars, and the Chinese Civil War.

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Trial – East View Russian databases: Russkii arkhiv, Kavkaz and Ogonek

We are trialling three Russian databases from East View until Monday 15th November.

Russkii arkhiv Digital Archive

Important pre-revolutionary Russian historical and literary journal. Russkii arkhiv was an influential monthly historical and literary journal published in Moscow from 1863 to 1917 (published bimonthly from 1880-1884) and of which the Taylorian holds a complete set of printed volumes. It presents a picture of Russian cultural and political history during the late 18th and early 19th centuries mainly focusing on the Russian nobility. Documents include hitherto unpublished memoirs, material on the life and works of literary figures such as Alexander Pushkin, letters and diaries of prominent historical figures. We have a printed index to the journal in the library but searching will be greatly facilitated by using this electronic version.

Kavkaz Digital Archive

The first Russian-language newspaper in the Caucasus. The newspaper Kavkaz was published between 1846 and 1918. It had two main purposes: to promote Russian culture and influence in the Caucasus and to acquaint the Russian public with the way of life and culture of the peoples of the Caucasus. In its pages can be found official documents of the Russian empire as well as the writings of members of the local intelligentsia on historical, cultural and archaeological topics. Partial holdings at the BL – otherwise not held by any UK Library.

Ogonek Digital Archive

An important source for information on Soviet life and culture and current affairs. Ogonek is one of the oldest weekly magazines in Russia having been in continuous publication since 1923. Our holdings at the Taylorian are unfortunately incomplete and not easy to access. This digitized version should make this key publication much more accessible.

The trials are taking place in Weeks 2-5 from Monday 18th October until Monday 15th November. Any feedback to Nick Hearn.

Trial – ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Le Monde And Global Newsstream

We are trialling two Proquest products until 16th November 2021.

Global Newsstream contains full text articles from over 3,000 news sources, providing current coverage from many sources as well as archives extending back to the 1980s. Included in it are a number of key UK, US and international titles such as The Guardian, The New York Times, El Mundo and Le Monde (2011 up to the present). This is the second trial this year of this database.

The historical archive of Le Monde – one of the newspapers of record for France – is now available in full-page digital image format from Proquest. We trialled this earlier in the year but the archive was not yet complete. This is the complete archive 1944-2000. It is cross-searchable with Global Newstream.

The trials are taking place in Weeks 2-5 from Monday 18th October until Tuesday 16th November. Any feedback to