Making the most of your Google search

Have you tried Google’s Advanced Search yet?  Adding a few search commands to your query helps you find the information you want by making your search more specific.  The advanced search helps you do this, and here are a few tips and tricks you can use in the ordinary search:

Colour code: command, example, explanation

oxford eresources use quotes to find a phrase rather than separate words

intitle:sciencedirect safari find pages with these words in the title

inurl:ouls libraries find URL with this word also useful for dates e.g. inurl:2009 to find pages linking to this site restrict results to the OULS site

labour OR liberal finds either word

labour AND liberal finds both words to find similar or related pages

filetype:pdf to find a particular filetype (try also doc and ppt)

+ the script Common words such as and, how, the are usually ignored in searches . use the ‘+’ symbol if a common word is essential to your search

~pavement synonym search (this example also finds asphalt)

define:PWN find a definition. Yes, you could use a dictionary (online or otherwise), but this will be more helpful for jargon, abbreviations and new words (examples: Web 2.0, OpenURL, GWOT, crackberry).

time:oxford find the time anywhere in the world

weather:oxford will I need an umbrella today?

sqrt 9 use your browser as a calculator.  More instructions

1 GBP in EUR use Google’s inbuilt currency converter List of currency codes

Try combining some of these commands, for example: filetype:pdf AND

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