Trial – East View Russian databases: Russkii arkhiv, Kavkaz and Ogonek

We are trialling three Russian databases from East View until Monday 15th November.

Russkii arkhiv Digital Archive

Important pre-revolutionary Russian historical and literary journal. Russkii arkhiv was an influential monthly historical and literary journal published in Moscow from 1863 to 1917 (published bimonthly from 1880-1884) and of which the Taylorian holds a complete set of printed volumes. It presents a picture of Russian cultural and political history during the late 18th and early 19th centuries mainly focusing on the Russian nobility. Documents include hitherto unpublished memoirs, material on the life and works of literary figures such as Alexander Pushkin, letters and diaries of prominent historical figures. We have a printed index to the journal in the library but searching will be greatly facilitated by using this electronic version.

Kavkaz Digital Archive

The first Russian-language newspaper in the Caucasus. The newspaper Kavkaz was published between 1846 and 1918. It had two main purposes: to promote Russian culture and influence in the Caucasus and to acquaint the Russian public with the way of life and culture of the peoples of the Caucasus. In its pages can be found official documents of the Russian empire as well as the writings of members of the local intelligentsia on historical, cultural and archaeological topics. Partial holdings at the BL – otherwise not held by any UK Library.

Ogonek Digital Archive

An important source for information on Soviet life and culture and current affairs. Ogonek is one of the oldest weekly magazines in Russia having been in continuous publication since 1923. Our holdings at the Taylorian are unfortunately incomplete and not easy to access. This digitized version should make this key publication much more accessible.

The trials are taking place in Weeks 2-5 from Monday 18th October until Monday 15th November. Any feedback to Nick Hearn.