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Trial – Pandemics, Society, and Public Health, 1517-1925 (until 22 June 2024)

Oxford users have trial access to Pandemics, Society, and Public Health, 1517-1925 from Microform Academic Publishers, until 22 June 2024.

This resource documents the history and impact of pandemics from the 16th century to the early 20th century with a particular focus on the plague, cholera, smallpox and influenza. Over 79,000 images from The National Archives, British Library, University College London and London Metropolitan Archives provide access to a rich and diverse source collection (documents, prayers, records, registers, sheet music, and more).

This resource will be of interest to those researching history of medicine, history of public health, social and economic history, and the impact of pandemics on British life in the course of five centuries more generally.

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Trial- Klassiki – Trial until the 30 May 2024

We now have access to Klassiki until 30 May 2024

Note that to access this resource you have to register using your * email address. You will receive a welcome email followed by an access confimation email later to be able to use the resource. Please do not use your Oxford SSO username or password to register.

Klassiki is a video-on-demand platform which is dedicated exclusively to cinema from Eastern Europe – including Ukraine, Russia, and the Baltics – the Caucasus and Central Asia. Klassiki features a library of over 100 titles, spanning silent cinema to the 2020s, a film Pick of the Week feature, and a Journal area of related content including interviews, essays and national cinema overviews. A potentially useful resource to students of film, visual culture and modern languages.

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New resource – The Civil & Military Gazette Online, 1876-1963

We now have access to The Civil & Military Gazette Online, 1876-1963 via Brill.

The Civil & Military Gazette stood as an unrivalled media institution, offering extraordinarily broad perspectives on South Asia during the late 19th and 20th centuries. This database offers access to holdings from 1876-1963 and covers British rule in India at its height, partition and the early years of the independent countries of India and Pakistan. As well as political events, the paper also cultivated and published literary talent, including Rudyard Kipling, some of whose earliest works first appeared in the Gazette.

Trial – Dar Al Mandumah = المنظومة – Trial until 13 May 2024

We now have access to Dar Al Mandumah = المنظومة

Dar al-Mandumah provides access to a series of databases with full-text content of Arabic scientific conferences, dissertations, and academic journals from 1921 to present day.  Content is mainly in Arabic and English. The databases included are:

  • EduSearch (education)
  • HumanIndex (humanities)
  • IslamicInfo  (Islamic studies and Islamic law)
  • AraBase (language and literature)
  • EcoLink (economic and management studies)
  • Mandumah Dissertations

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