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Trial- Noorlib- (Until 29th August 2022)

We have now access to Noorlib – trial until 29th August 2022.

Noor Digital Library (Noorlib) is a full-text e-book database administered by the Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS) in Iran. Noor Digital Library contains more than 88000 digitised book volumes from within the humanities, mostly in Arabic and Persian, with a particular focus on Islamic Studies.

Trial- Afghan Central Press – Until 20th June 2022

We now have trial access to Afghan Central Press until 20th June 2022.

The  Afghan Central Press  collection brings together four national, Kabul-based publications of Afghanistan whose long runs and prominence provide a concentrated vantage point for understanding developments in Afghanistan for much of the twentieth century. The English-language Kabul Times is presented alongside Pushto publications Anīs (انیس, Companion), Hewād (هیواد, Homeland), and Iṣlāḥ (اصلاح, Reform).

Trial – Afghan Serials Collection (until 7 May 2022)

We have trial access to the Afghan Serials Collection from East View until 7 May 2022.

The Afghan Serials Collection: Partisan Publications from the Wahdat Library is an essential collection of partisan serials from the Wahdat Library, the most comprehensive private collection of rare newspapers and journals from Afghanistan. The Afghan Serials Collection includes over 45 newspapers and journals published in Persian, Pushto, Arabic, Urdu, and English from the early 1970s to the late 1990s—a critical period for the history of Afghanistan. Documenting the breadth of Afghanistan’s political epochs, the Afghan Serials Collection: Partisan Publications from the Wahdat Library covers the use of the press by many groups that sought to shape Afghanistan’s social and intellectual landscape during this turbulent time. Various ideologies are represented in these publications, published by opposing factions from the Taliban to anti-Taliban groups, to anti- Soviet jihadi and mujaheddin groups to the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan.

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Trial – Grand Secretariat Archives (until 10th May 2022)

We now have access to the Grand Secretariat Archives. 

The archives of the Grand Secretariat currently housed at the Institute were originally kept at the Grand Secretariat Storehouse in the Ch’ing imperial palace. They were removed from the Storehouse when it underwent renovation in 1909. After the overthrow of the Ch’ing, these archives changed hands several times, and were, at one point, even sold to a paper recycling factory. Eventually, the Institute purchased them from Li Sheng-to, a book collector, in1929 thanks to the efforts of Fu Ssu-nien, the Institute’s first director.
There are over four thousand Ming(1368-1644) documents and more than three hundred thousand volumes of Ch’ing(1644-1911) archival materials in this collection, including imperial decrees, edicts, memorials, tribute document, examination questions, examination papers, rosters of successful examination candidates, documents from the offices of the Grand Secretariat, documents from the offices for book compilation, and old documents from Mukden. Memorials make up the bulk these documents.
The archives contain valuable source materials for institutional, social and economic historians. They record general administrative activities and legal cases, many of which cannot be found in Ch’ing legal compendia.

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Trial – British Online Archives (until 31 March 2022)

We now have access to the entire British Online Archives platform until 31 March 2022, courtesy of Microform Academic Publishers.

A resource providing access to over 3 million records drawn from both private and public archives. There are over 80 collections with thematically organised records covering 1,000 years of world history, from politics and warfare to slavery and medicine. Includes: Prosecuting the Holocaust, Colonial Law in Africa, Liverpool and Bristol shipping records, West Indies slavery and slave trade records, Missionary archives.


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