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Trial – Records from Bethlem Royal Hospital, 1559-1932 (until 12 October 2023)

We have trial access to Records from Bethlem Royal Hospital, 1559-1932 through British Online Archives until 12 October 2023. This resource is useful for the study of mental health care throughout the ages.

Bethlem Royal Hospital is a psychiatric facility in London. It was established as a priory of the Order of St Mary of Bethlehem in 1247, before beginning to care for mentally ill patients sometime in the 14th century. Often referred to colloquially as ‘Bedlam’—and generally accepted to be the origin of the very same noun—past incarnations of the institution were infamous for their questionable diagnosis of mental illness and poor treatment of patients.

This collection contains four centuries’ and 130,000 images’ worth of records from Bethlem. The records are diverse in both form and subject matter. They include: voluntary and criminal admission registers; discharge and death registers; male and female patient casebooks; minutes of the Court of Governors; and staff salary books. All handwritten items have been fully transcribed.

Scholars and students alike will find that, together, the records provide a unique insight into the evolution of so-called lunacy laws—from an early reliance on control of the mentally ill through coercion and restraint to the later emergence of doctrines of self-discipline and moral management.

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Trial- Index Buddhicus-(trial until 24/07/2023)

We now have access to Index Buddhicus– (trial until 24/07/2023)

A classified comprehensive bibliography of Buddhist studies, describing secondary material ranging from articles, papers and chapters appearing in journals, proceedings and collections, through reference works, monographs, editions and theses, to digital resources. All entries are linked to an index of both proper names and thematic, and cross referenced to related material.

Trial – Middle Eastern Studies (Archives Unbound) – Until 7th July 2023

Trial of Middle Eastern Studies (Archives Unbound) until 7th July 2023.

This collection provides a multidisciplinary archive of materials to explore the region’s diplomatic initiatives, military actions, politics, economics, and natural resources. The roots of the program are in microfilm, and the collection makes available targeted collections of interest to scholars engaged in serious research.

Trial- Ainosco Search – Until 29th June 2023

Trial- Ainosco Search – Until 29th June 2023

This  ebook database covers over 40,000 titles.

  1. Full-text search across a significant amount of Chinese-language book content, including monographs, diaries, biographies, interviews, and government reports published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau from 1900 to today.
  2. Each eBook also provide full-text access with 1 current user