Trial- Index Buddhicus-(trial until 24/07/2023)

We now have access to Index Buddhicus– (trial until 24/07/2023)

A classified comprehensive bibliography of Buddhist studies, describing secondary material ranging from articles, papers and chapters appearing in journals, proceedings and collections, through reference works, monographs, editions and theses, to digital resources. All entries are linked to an index of both proper names and thematic, and cross referenced to related material.

Gale Digital Scholar Lab: Sentiment Analysis tool update

Gale Digital Scholar Lab‘s Sentiment Analysis tool will be updated on 13 July. According to Gale:

“Sentiment Analysis currently uses the 111 version of the AFINN lexicon to score tokens in the tool. From 13 July, Sentiment Analysis will migrate to the 165 version of the AFINN lexicon, which includes an additional 905 scored tokens.”

This means that analysis runs made before 13 July will not be directly replicable afterward.

New resource – C19: The Nineteenth Century Index

We now have access to C19: The Nineteenth Century Index through ProQuest.

C19: The Nineteenth Century Index is a bibliographic resource for 19th century research, comprising tens of millions of records and providing integrated access to finding aids for books, periodicals, official publications, newspapers, archives, and reference material. Users can query its component indexes simultaneously or can conduct more detailed research using search pages for specific indexes or content types.

C19 includes records from The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, 1824-1900, which the Bodleian Libraries previously held as a separate database.

Trial – Middle Eastern Studies (Archives Unbound) – Until 7th July 2023

Trial of Middle Eastern Studies (Archives Unbound) until 7th July 2023.

This collection provides a multidisciplinary archive of materials to explore the region’s diplomatic initiatives, military actions, politics, economics, and natural resources. The roots of the program are in microfilm, and the collection makes available targeted collections of interest to scholars engaged in serious research.