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Google Scholar: activating Find it @ Oxford links

The Google Scholar search engine allows you to find academic and scientific content from a wide range of sources, including academic publishers, professional societies and pre-print archives. You can set Google Scholar to display a “Find it @ Oxford” option alongside search results, which will display links to full texts in the Bodleian Libraries’ extensive collection of online resources.

Screenshot of two Google Scholar search results, each with "Find it @ Oxford" links

If you enabled “Find it @ Oxford” in Google Scholar before an upgrade to Bodleian Libraries systems in summer/autumn 2023, you may need to reactivate it. Whether you are activating this option for the first time or reactivating an earlier setting, the process is simple:

  1. Open the Google Scholar home page.
  2. Select the triple bar ≡ , then from the menu select Settings.
  3. Open the Library links section and search for “Oxford”.
  4. Ensure that the “University of Oxford – Find it @ Oxford” box is checked, then select Save.

Screenshot of Google Scholar's "Library links" settings. The user has searched for "Oxford" and selected the "University of Oxford - Find it @ Oxford" checkbox.

Now you will start seeing the “Find it @ Oxford” links in Google Scholar’s search results.

If you like that you’ll love this. Research usage based recommendations for the scholarly community.

bX Recommender is a new service that generates recommendations for users based on article usage by researchers from institutions around the world. It is similar to the familiar usage-based recommendations found on commercial Web sites such as Amazon and iTunes but created specifically for the scholarly community.

Where will I find it?

Recommendations will display automatically in a box in the search results screen on OU e-Journals when you use Find it @ Oxford links in search results from resources such as Google Scholar, SCOPUS, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences or Historical Abstracts.  Please note that you will not always see recommendations in your results and that this is where recommendations may not yet exist for the article you have chosen.

Tell us what you think.

At the moment this service on is on trial and your feedback will inform our decision on whether or not we add bX Recommender to OU e-Journals on a permanent basis. Please send your comments to eresources@bodleian.ox.ac.uk