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Numérique Premium (access until 24 September 2023)

Oxford users have access to all books on the Numérique Premium platform. Numérique Premium have made this material available to celebrate the release of their new platform.

Numérique Premium contains over 600 French-language Humanities e-books. The main focus is on medieval and modern history, but the collection also covers politics, history of French-speaking literature, and history of cinema.

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British Online Archives (access until 31 March 2021)


We now have access to the entire British Online Archives platform until 31 March 2021, courtesy of Microform Academic Publishers.

British Online Archives provides access to over 3 million records drawn from both private and public archives. There are over 80 collections with thematically organised records covering 1,000 years of world history, from politics and warfare to slavery and medicine. Includes: Paris Peace Conference, Prosecuting the Holocaust, Colonial Law in Africa, British Labour Party Papers 1906-1994, Liverpool and Bristol shipping records, West Indies slavery and slave trade records, Missionary archives.

De Gruyter Humanities and Social Sciences ebooks (evidence-based acquisitions access until 6 September 2021)

Until September 6, 2021, over 72,000 ebooks in Humanities and the Social Sciences published by De Gruyter (and 20 of their publisher partners) are available via their EBA (evidence-based acquisitions) programme. All books on the list, together with new publications as they come out during the year, are available online to University members during this period, and can be found on the De Gruyter website or in SOLO. At the end of the period, we will make a selection of books based on appearance on reading lists and heavy use during the period. These selections will be added permanently to the ebook collection of the Bodleian Libraries.

Note we do not have access to all ebooks on the De Gruyter platform

Human Kinetics Library (access until 29 September 2020)

We have access to the Human Kinetics Library until 29 September 2020, courtesy of Bloomsbury.

This is a collection of ebooks and videos on sports and physical activity, published by Human Kinetics. It features over 150 ebooks, including textbooks, supplementary monographs and materials for practitioners, and over 200 videos, including demonstrations of exercise movements and explanations of key physical activity concepts.