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Trial – Pandemics, Society, and Public Health, 1517-1925 (until 22 June 2024)

Oxford users have trial access to Pandemics, Society, and Public Health, 1517-1925 from Microform Academic Publishers, until 22 June 2024.

This resource documents the history and impact of pandemics from the 16th century to the early 20th century with a particular focus on the plague, cholera, smallpox and influenza. Over 79,000 images from The National Archives, British Library, University College London and London Metropolitan Archives provide access to a rich and diverse source collection (documents, prayers, records, registers, sheet music, and more).

This resource will be of interest to those researching history of medicine, history of public health, social and economic history, and the impact of pandemics on British life in the course of five centuries more generally.

Please send any feedback on the trial to Isabel Holowaty (isabel.holowaty@bodleian.ox.ac.uk).

Trials – Sight & Sound and A Rabbit’s Foot (until 17 May 2024)

Oxford users have trial access, via Exact Editions, to two magazines useful for students and researchers with an interest in film and visual culture: Sight & Sound and A Rabbit’s Foot. The trials will run until 21 May 2024.

Sight & Sound is the OG magazine of film record in the UK, but international in scope. Now most well-known for its once-a-decade 100 Greatest Films of All Time Poll, Sight and Sound covers international film and moving image culture, including archive features as well as new writing. Also included are complete back-issues of Monthly Film Bulletin, published from 1934-1991, providing a comprehensive record of film releases in the UK.

A Rabbit’s Foot, launched in 2022, is an independent magazine and online platform covering film, art and culture. Published quarterly, each issue has an overarching theme, including interviews and in-depth articles, on subjects and individuals from the classic to the very contemporary.

Please send any feedback on these trial to Sarah Currant (sarah.currant@bodleian.ox.ac.uk).

Trial – HALI (until 17 May 2024)

Oxford user have trial access to HALI until 21 May 2024.

HALI is an international quarterly magazine covering the world of carpets, textiles and Islamic art, offering a range of scholarly articles, book and exhibition reviews and market commentary, in one beautifully presented package.

Digital access is available for all back issues of the magazine via Exact Editions. Of potential interest to students and researchers in textiles and the history of art, including Islamic art.

Please send any feedback on the trial to Sarah Currant (sarah.currant@bodleian.ox.ac.uk).

Trial – Subculture Archives (until 17 May 2024)

Oxford users have trial access to Subculture Archives from the Museum of Youth Culture until 17 May 2024.

To log in: Click on ‘Log in via your University or Institution’. Select ‘University of Oxford’ and enter your SSO.

This resource provides online access to a multimedia archive of primary sources which documents 100 years of youth culture through the scenes, styles, sounds and signifiers of different youth movements. It contains over 75,000 images and photographs; recorded and transcribed oral histories, podcasts and playlists; 15,000 flyers and ephemera; and many examples of fashion, graphic design and printed publications. It illustrates Britain’s evocative subculture and counterculture, as expressed through Mods, Skins and Punks and the rave scene.

This resource is useful for the study of social and cultural history, visual culture, and more generally, the lived experience of the British youth in the 20th century.

Please send feedback to Isabel Holowaty.