Using Library PCs – important changes

Logging on to Library PCs: new and updated software

Between 15 February and the end of March, most OULS libraries will implement improvements to their Library PCs. During this time readers may briefly face disruption in the use of Library PCs. If you want to plan your work around the disruption, look out for local announcements or check in advance.

Work in the HFL and BOD is scheduled to take place in the week beginning 22 March. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Once a new desktop has been installed, readers wishing to use Library PCs will in future have to login with their OLIS Patron barcode and password.

Q. Why this change?

The libraries need to comply with JANET and University network regulations. These require that a reader can be identified, if necessary, when IT regulations have been broken, copyright infringed or malware introduced.

Q. Will readers benefit from this change?

You will have access to updated software (IE7, MSOffice 2007), a choice of browsers (IE or Firefox) and new software, such as Endnote, iTunes, PDF creator and much more. Furthermore, we will be able to maintain library PCs more easily and upgrade our software more efficiently so readers will also benefit from a refreshed desktop each session. You will be able to save files either to your memory stick or temporarily to the desktop.

Q. How do I login?

Login with the same OLIS barcode and password you use to place stack requests, access OULS-Reader wireless or to renew your books online.

Example login:

Barcode: 2701290 [on front of University / library card]

Password: 20jul1969 [use only lowercase letters; the default is your date of birth; if you personalised your password but can’t logon, contact library staff who can reset the password for you. If you use your library barcode as your password you will get an error message so you will need to reset it to something else.]

If you need to just quickly check the catalogue or a database, there are terminals (“Sun Rays”) in most libraries which currently don’t require logging on.

Feedback? Please email us at with the subject heading “Reader PCs”.

More information and guidance will shortly uploaded at

JoAnne Sparks (Assistant Director, Research & Learning Services) 8 February 2010

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