Trial until 15 May: Early European Books (EEB) Collection 1

We have started a trial of Early European Books (EEB) which complements EEBO. It currently only includes Collection 1 (Danish early printed books):

“Early European Books allows scholars to access and explore the printed record of early modern Europe, drawing together a diverse array of printed sources from the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. All works printed in Europe before 1701, regardless of language, fall within the scope of the project, together with all pre-1701 works in European languages printed further afield. Early European Books builds upon and complements Early English Books Online (EEBO) and is largely concerned with non-Anglophone materials. Currently only Collection 1 (drawn from the Royal Library, Copenhagen) is available.”

Collection 2 (Italian early printed books) will not be available until later this year and others (German, French, etc.) are still to follow.

EEB can be accessed from OxLIP+. The trial will run until 15 May. If you have any feedback concerning functionality or content, please e-mail Isabel Holowaty by 15 May. It should be said that we currently have no funds to pay for a subscription, but will use your responses to help prioritise the desiderata list.

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