*New* Mass Observation Online

We are pleased to announce that our colleagues in Social Sciences have bought access to Mass Observation Online.

An incredibly useful source for the study of everyday lives of ordinary people in Britain, Mass Observation Online provides online access to material from the archive. It includes the entire File Report sequence 1937-1972, access to all of the Day Surveys, Directives and Diaries, 1937-1942, early Mass Observation Publications and selected Topic Collection. Thirteen previously unpublished Topic Collections cover: Famous Persons; Household Budgeting; Juvenile Delinquency; Korea; Peace & the Public; Radio Listening; World Outlook; Film; Reading Habits; Dreams; Religion; Victory Celebrations; Capital Punishment.

The resource also includes interactive maps, photographs, bibliographic resources and essays on various aspects of Mass Observation.

It is useful for social scientists and modern historians, especially those interested in social history, sociology and culture. We particularly recommend it for any 2nd year undergraduates doing a thesis topic in 20th Century British History.

Access is now via OxLIP+. Use SSO for remote access.

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