ARTstor news: Additional images of European architecture and sculpture images by Sarah N. James

These ARTstor additions should be of interest to historians of medieval and early modern English and European history:

“ARTstor is collaborating with Sarah N. James to add more than 450 images of Italian architecture and painting and more than 400 images of English art and architecture to the Digital Library. The new images will join James’s collection of more than 600 images of Italian and English architecture. The collection currently centers on England, including cathedrals and parish churches from the Norman Romanesque period; ecclesiastical buildings in the early English, decorated, and perpendicular styles; medieval secular architecture including castles, marketplaces, and town halls; perpendicular gothic collegiate buildings; and Tudor, Elizabethan, baroque, and neoclassical country houses and churches. Photographed in situ during James’ travels throughout Europe, the images provide contextual views of sculpture and architecture from various angles.

View the collection in the ARTstor’s Digital Library:

For more detailed information about this collection, visit European Architecture and Sculpture (Sara N. James) collection page.”

[ARTstor 11 April 2011]

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