New in ARTstor: images of medieval churches

ARTstor has added a new image collection which might be of interest to medievalists historians:

Via Lucis  Collection:

“ARTstor and Via Lucis have released more than 1,300 high-resolution images of medieval Christian churches in France and Spain by photographers Dennis Aubrey and PJ McKey in the Digital Library. The collection primarily features interior architecture, especially the arches, vaults, domes, and buttressing that define the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The collection also features a selection of images of the Vierges Romanes, stylized wooden statues of the Madonna and Child from the 11th century to the 13th century, usually polychrome but sometimes covered in plate and jewels. A subset of these sculptures includes the Black Madonnas, which are particularly venerated in Spain and France.  The Via Lucis collection also includes images of church exteriors.”

Oxford users can view the Via Lucis collection or enter the keyword search: “Via Lucis”.

Taken from ARTstor blog.

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