HFL move FAQ: will there be sufficient desk space?

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This is one of the questions we have received from readers about the proposed move.  More answers to FAQs are available on the HFL website.

Will there be sufficient desk space?

In summer 2011, the Bodleian Library added 120 additional seats.

Currently historians have access to a nominal 208 seats in Upper Camera (153) and HFL (55). In the new set-up they would have access to a nominal 221 in Upper Camera (114) and Lower Camera (107). This would be achieved by the move of Theology out of the Radcliffe Camera and adding more seating the Upper Camera as follows (subject to fire regulation):

  • re-furbish an unused bay in the gallery to add 6 more seats
  • replace unused stand-alone book cases with single desks
  • re-furbish the inside of the Old Reserve (middle of Upper Camera) to add 4 PCs to the middle with SunRays on the outside. This frees up a row of desk space.
  • add up to 4 seats in front of the current UCam Reserve as the entrance to the History Information Services Team would be on the side.

In the course of time, as and when fewer non-Humanities books are shelved in the Gladstone Link, we expect the number of non-Humanities readers to drop (see also Q8)

It is worth noting that the average number of seats occupied on SCONUL sampling days during term time is 18 at 11:30am and 21 at 3pm.

We also anticipate different levels and patterns of use due to greater flexibility of moving between reading rooms, increasing availability of electronic resources and extended opening hours, especially Sundays.

We are mindful of the need to provide a variety of workspaces. Therefore we have also identified opportunities in the Upper Camera and Gladstone Link to add a mix of individual desks and informal seating, again within the constraints of fire regulations and sympathetic to the environment and history of the buildings.

Find out more about the proposal:

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