19000 images from Walters Art Museum added to Wikimedia Commons

19000 art images from the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, USA have been added to the Wikimedia Commons website under creative commons licenses.  There are digitial images of paintings, sketches, books and objects.  You can limit your search on Wikimedia to this collection only by searching for by entering “Walters Art Museum” and any other search terms (for instance medicine) in the main Wikimedia search box.

Walters Art Museum images on Wikimedia (click to access)

The Walters Art Museum images can also be searched and browsed in the museums own website.  The images are displayed in a more user friendly layout.  The images can be browsed by category, such as ‘Baroque Europe’ or ’18th and 19th centures’, or by date or creator.  The advanced search tool allows more specific searching.

A more user-friendly result from the Walters Art Museum website (click to access)

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