HFL move update 27 June: disruption to access next week

Disruption to access Monday – Friday 2-6 July

Material in the HFL will be moved next week as follows:

Mon – Wed 2-4 July: some stack collections moving to BSF.  During this time it will not be possible to offer stack fetches from collections  remaining on site.  Access to the common room may be affected.

Thur –  Fri 5-6: older duplicated and lesser used reference materials from the West Gallery will also be packed, crated, and moved to BSF.  During this move access to the Gallery floor (second floor) will not be possible as the back stairs will be in use by the book movers.  Staff will do their best to find opportunities when they can fetch books for readers

Currently, reference collections in the gallery are being selected and labelled to go to various destination. The key to labels is: pink = Long Running Project; green = lending; yellow = URR; blue = Upper Camera; red = discard.

During this process it will be necessary to make use of some of the desks in the Maitland Gallery to sort and store books while library staff update the holdings information on line. This will mean there is less working space available for readers (Thursday this week to Wednesday next).

Print journals in the gallery are in the process of being withdrawn and will then be offered to other libraries, and interested library users –  free of charge.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Staff will be on hand to assist readers as much as possible

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