Return your books to our new box

The HFL collections are now located in the Radcliffe Camera and Gladstone Link in the central Bodleian site.

Returning books
If you have borrowed books before our move and would like to return them, please put them gently into our new book return box.  The box is situated in the Lower Radcliffe Camera, in between the entrance to the Gladstone Link and the Lower Camera Reserve Desk.

book return box

Library staff will be emptying the box regularly.

Borrowing books from 3 September
Borrowing of books from the Radcliffe Camera Lower Desk will begin again on Monday 3 September. Until then our books can be used in the Bodleian Library site – the Old Library, Gladstone Link and Lower Camera. They can also be photographed, copied and scanned (within copyright limit).

Radcliffe Camera closures
The whole Radcliffe Camera will be closed on Tuesday 28 August while HFL staff move in.  The Upper Camera will be closed from 20 August to 29 September inclusive.  A staff mediated fetching service is in place for the books housed in the Upper Radcliffe Camera, including the HFL set texts.

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