HFL books on the move

HFL books being reclassified

The History Faculty Library books are on the move again.  A team of reclassification staff have started to move books that are already in the Library of Congress Classification into their final positions.  This means that books with shelfmarks A to DA175 are now in the Lower Radcliffe Camera, as are oversize books from A to N.  These books can be browsed, used in the library and also borrowed by University members.

The books are still showing as being held in the Gladstone Link rather than the Lower Camera on the SOLO library catalogue, but this should be updated by Monday (17 September).

Further work until 12 October

More material will be moved during the project, which is due to finish on 12 October.  Further details of areas being worked on will be posted on this blog next week.

If you are unable to access an area of books because they are being worked on by reclassifying staff, please search for an alternative copy using the SOLO library catalogue. If you cannot find an alternative copy, please ask library staff at the Lower Camera Reserve Desk for assistance.

Ask library staff for help

If you need any help locating material, please ask library staff at the Lower Camera Reserve Desk for assistance, alternatively call 01865 277262 or email library.history@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

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