Returning to Oxford? Tours of the Bodleian History Faculty Library 24 Sept – 3 Oct

Are you returning to Oxford and not sure where to find the HFL? Will you be showing freshers round the HFL and need a re-fresher tour yourself?

The History Faculty Library moved to the Radcliffe Camera this summer. If you want to learn where the HFL books are, where to borrow from, what services are available and how to find staff, then please join a 15mins tour at the following times:


Date Time
Mon 24 Sept 09:15
Tues 25 Sept 14:30
Wed. 26 Sept 14:30
Thurs 27 Sept 10:15
Fri 28 Sept 15:00
Mon 1 Oct 09:15
Mon 1 Oct 13:30
Mon 1 Oct 15:00
Mon 1 Oct 16:30
Tues 2 Oct 09:15
Tues 2 Oct 11:30
Tues 2 Oct 15:00
Tues 2 Oct 16:30
Wed 3 Oct 09:15

Spaces are limited so booking is required. You can do this in person in the Lower Camera, by phoning the Lower Camera 01865 (2)77204 or emailing

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