New: Congressional Record (and predecessors) covering 1789-1999

A page from the February 12, 1999 edition of the Congressional Record, published during the impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton. Formal citation: 1999 Congressional Record, Vol. 145, Page S (1457).

Vere Harmsworth Library has secured access to the full text access to the electronic archives of the Congressional Record and its predecessors via ProQuest. This archive covers over 200 years of activities in Congress, from 1789-1999, including the verbatim text of debates in both the House and Senate from the beginning of the Congressional Record in 1873 onwards. > More about the Congressional Record

The database offers browsing by Subject, Issuing source, Serial Set Map Terms and Popular Names (e.g. Acts).

Access for Oxford users is now available via SOLO/OxLIP+.

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