Green shelf slips for Gladstone Link Books

A new system of green shelf slips has been set up in the Gladstone Link area of the Bodleian Library.

 If you take a book from the shelves to use, please:

  • fill in the slip legibly
  • put the slip on the shelf in place of the book

If you take a book which has been in use from a book return trolley, please put a new slip with your details on the appropriate shelf.  This slip system has been introduced in the Gladstone Link in response to reader feedback.

History Faculty Library books may be borrowed by current members of Oxford University from the Lower Camera Reserve Desk.

Bodleian Library books, with the exception of the Personal Development Collection, cannot be borrowed from the Gladstone Link and should not be removed from the library.
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2 thoughts on “Green shelf slips for Gladstone Link Books

  1. Thanks for your comments and interesting questions. The slip system was introduced following demand from readers readers even though we are conscious of the flaws. The system clearly only works everybody follows the rules. It does mean that it is the responsibility of each reader to update the slip if they change locatoin. In practice it poses problems, as you say.

    We will be reviewing the success of the slip system so watch this space.

  2. If someone takes a book from the shelves sits at a unnumbered terminal in a different reading room or transfer to another reading room do they need to update all the slips on the shelves by make return journeys even if it the link has closed?

    The three (/four) libraries are now linked so much that this could be a problem?

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