Extra lockers now available in the Upper Gladstone Link

Following requests from readers, the extra lockers have been added to the Upper Gladstone Link area of the main Bodleian Library site.  These are in addition to the existing lockers in the Old Bodleian.

For the convenience of all library users please note the following:

  • Lockers are coin (£1) / key operated
  • Lockers may only be used to store a reader’s belongings, not Bodleian Libraries’ material
  • Lockers must be cleared before the Gladstone Link closes each day. Note that the Link closes 45 minutes before the Old Bodleian and Radcliffe Camera. Anything left in a locker at closing time will be removed by library staff
  • Readers must leave locker keys in the locker door at the end of each visit to the Library and not retain them for future personal use
  • The Library is not responsible for belongings left in lockers, which are left at the owner’s risk.

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